Providing the finest instruction coupled with a rigorous curriculum, Al-Hijra Academy caters to students from Pre-School and kindergarten through Grade 8. We have been educating the children of our Muslim community for over 12 years. Our demonstrable record of academic achievement has placed us amongst the top 10 ranked schools in Ontario, and third in Windsor, Ontario. In conjunction with our emphasis on excellence in Academics as well as moral and spiritual development, we strive to develop tomorrow’s Muslim through following educational services.

    • Full-time Islamic Elementary school
    • Tahfeez Program
    • Quran Memorization for Adults
    • Religious discussions
Our students have won many awards over the years, most recently ranking high in a Quran Competition in London, Ontario. This competition had students and schools from all over Ontario – Al-Hijra Academy was very proud of our students! For more information, please take a look at our website –