WIC Statement: COVID-19

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Respected Community Members,

The Imams Council of Windsor has been monitoring the situation as it evolves, in contact with WIA’s Pandemic Advisory Committee comprising of local physicians.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said “Avoid that which I forbid you to do and do that which I command you to do to the best of your capacity.” [Sahih Muslim]. We have put forth our best efforts over the past week to implement protocols that maintain our obligatory rituals and basic functions of mosques, complying with the previous provincial recommendations of not restricting gatherings to 250 individuals.

With the updated March 16th provincial guidelines, gatherings over 50 individuals are now considered a safety risk and all places of worship are advised to close.

It is with our sincere sorrow that the daily congregational prayers of the mosques across the City of Windsor will no longer be offered to the public as of tomorrow Mar 17th 2020. The Council would like to further reassure the community that each Mosque’s administration and its respective Imam(s) will make all endeavors and efforts to ensure that the rights of the Mosques (Adhan and Prayers) are fulfilled.

We understand the spiritual and emotional pain that comes with this unprecedented moment for every Muslim. As Muslims, we are always reminded to maintain our spiritual connection with God, anywhere and everywhere, regardless of any exceptional circumstances. We also advise families to take this time to reconnect to one another and hold congregational prayers and Dhikr together.

It is certainly not an easy decision to make. After taking all these precautions, we should have trust in Allah and be content with His Qadar. We ask Allah (swt) to uplift our affliction, and save our community and our country, Ameen.

Windsor Islamic Council.

Monday March 16th, 2020